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Make Your Car More Efficient!

See Why You Are Losing Thousands Every Year!

At we are continuously looking for ways to spread the word on creating more efficient and cleaner cars. If you want to be part of the solution in helping our planet and save thousands of dollars then you are in the right place. Join our community and become a member of the 250+mpg club! Can you imagine driving 1,000 miles with less than 4 gallons of gas?


More than likely you drive a car with an internal combustion engine. This is an engine that uses the compressed air from the burning gasoline in the combustion chamber to create the power which moves your car. The pressure drives the piston up, turns the crank shaft creating a circular motion of the axles.

Internal Combustion Engine 

During this process a lot of energy is lost. Some of the gasoline is not burned or some is lost in the form of heat, sound, cooling the engine, and exhaust gas. Your car does have a part that assists with lost energy, the catalytic converter. It is responsible for burning all the leftovers, however most engines expand more fuel burning the leftovers than what is necessary to move the car. Here is a sankey diagram to illustrate the energy transfers through the internal combustion engine process:

Sankey Diagram of ICE


Convert your car! It's very affordable and you being making a profit within the first month!

There are two ways you can significantly help the cause:

1.)    Convert your car with a water system.  

  • VERY EASY, anyone can perform this task!
  • Requires minimal tools and no mechanical experience (takes a few hours!)
  • Extremely low costs for equipment
  • Can make your car run on 250 miles per a gallon (see our community!)


2.)    Convert your car to an Electric Engine. 

  • More challenging than water conversion
  • Requires moderate mechanical experience (although I did it and have none)
  • Moderate costs for equipment
  • Run your car on no gasoline!

RUN ON WATER wants to set the record straight! It is virtually impossible to run your car entirely on water. That’s not our goal, our plan is to make them more efficient which will save you money and most importantly our planet!

By correctly setting up your car, you can make it much more efficient using water! With an easy conversion process anyone can adjust their car to run on 50, 100, even over 250 miles per a gallon.

Unsure how to rig your car? Check out our reviewed
 sites for some amazing gas saving conversions!


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Run Your Car With Water!!!

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Gas For Free!!!

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This conversion is for the more committed. This is for those who truly want to make a difference. Think of how your friends and coworkers will react when you show them that you converted to an electric engine for your car. How many people do you know have an electric engine getting them around? Exactly! It spreads and creates buzz, people will ask you how you did it, and as tempting as it might be don't make it sound complicated. That's the best part, anyone can do it.

        Never Buy Gas Again!  


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10+ is an easy to follow guide on transforming your car to run on an electric motor. Loaded with extras like:

  • How to get up to $1,000 refund from IRS!
  • How to find FREE batteries and FREE parts for your car!
  • Travel 100 miles on one charge!
  • How to get a brand new car and get paid to drive it around!
  • Hypermiling secrets explained, get more miles for less energy!
  • And much more!!!



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